The Resolution Clinic

Alcohol misuse can affect anyone but many people find it difficult to access services when they’re working, looking after their family or maintaining other demands and responsibilities. We introduced The Resolution Clinic, an evening only service specifically aimed at those who may not want or be able to access traditional substance misuse services, but who may need advice on their alcohol use.

You do not have to be dependent on alcohol to access this clinic. Support is offered to adults over 18 who may binge at the weekends or worry that they are drinking more than they should. We would encourage anyone who feels they may be drinking too much or who would like some health advice around their alcohol use to drop in and speak to us.

We offer free, individualised, one to one, confidential support based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) models and tailored support focusing on reduction, and moderation of your drinking. We also support people who use drugs recreationally.

We provide:

  • Assessment care plans and goal setting
  • One to one professional advice and support
  • Pre-booked appointment slots
  • Counselling
  • Appointments with our nurse
  • Support for friends and family members
  • Support to establish goals around: moderation, control and abstinence.

For more information on our services that offer The Resolution Clinic, please visit the links below:


Cotswolds - The service also has a nurse available by appointment who can discuss community and residential detox and medication to help with alcohol withdrawals or cravings.