Services for Offenders

We provide comprehensive and specialist support for offenders with drug and alcohol misuse problems. We believe that treatment alone is not enough, the rapid-access personalised criminal justice services and drug intervention programmes will help you tackle your addiction at every stage.

The help from the staff has made me come to terms with myself and also with my future. I will be alcohol free.

Jules, service user, Richards House

Our services for offenders include:

  • Custody suite-based arrest and court referral services 
  • Prolific and Priority Offenders (PPO) partnerships and prison resettlement
  • Supported housing, through-care and aftercare in the community
  • Structured day programmes
  • Outreach for young people and challenging offenders.

What's more, our Drug Intervention Programme (DIP) links pre-existing healthcare and drug treatment services with a range of other supporting and rehabilitative help across the criminal justice system.

We aim to get you back on your feet by diverting you out of the criminal justice system - and into a supportive and effective treatment programme.