We're eager to reach out to all of society, including those who are often overlooked such as street drinkers, sex workers, and people in crisis.

Staying out of prison, off the drugs and in college is the way forward. I’ve got a long way to go but I’m on the right track.

Mark, service user, Hertsreach

Accident & Emergency

Our A&E based services enable us to provide this kind of early intervention, helping people when they most need it.

We've carefully designed our hospital and A&E-based services around local needs, to create responsive, engaging and accessible drug and alcohol services that make an immediate difference.

Needle Exchange

Since the 1980s our needle exchange services have provided a safe environment for people with drug problems to get effective advice and support - without being judged. We now have 20 needle exchange services across England and Wales.

Here you can access prescribing services run by police and community workers who can offer guidance and encouragement. We also offer support groups and advice on harm reduction. Above all, our focus is on your needs and helping you stay healthy.

Our needle exchange services offer:

  • Information and advice on safer injecting
  • Advice on preventing the transmission of blood-borne viruses
  • Access to other treatment and support services to address drug problems and help you recover.


'Wreckreational' is a team of experienced Turning Point recovery workers dedicated to offering advice, support and treatment to users of party drugs in Wakefield. The team will be available at local clubs and music venues across the district as well as attending community events to raise awareness and offer support to individuals. Keeping people safe, and supporting those who want to change, 'Wreckreational' staff will also be available through the week on the end of the phone or from our three projects across the district.

Click here to find out about our Wreckreational services.