For Professionals

Turning Point is a national health and social care provider with an outstanding track record in the design, development and delivery of personalised outcome-focused substance misuse services.

Forcing people into a rigid system is pointless. Services must flex to meet people’s needs. That’s why our integrated models give commissioners the opportunity to purpose-build flexible, targeted, services that deliver measurable results.

Lord Victor Adebowale, Chief Executive, Turning Point

We encourage people to become volunteers and recovery champions, as well as implementing peer support. Our experience in payment by results is based on a pilot scheme operating in Wakefield.

Integrated services make for more effective services. One size does not fit all, and the best way forward is a person-centred approach which helps someone to stop taking drugs and to stay off them, while providing the support to enable previously unstable individuals to contribute to society. This means tackling the contributory factors of substance misuse too.


We create bespoke, best value services that increase abstinence, reduce risk - and help people move smoothly between levels of support. Our results are tangible. And as a business, we maintain high standards across the board, while reducing costs and managing processes.

Person-centred Approach

We're proud of our person-centred approach - and the results it achieves. We engage with each individual in a way that's right for them - and work with commissioners to create quality services that meet local needs.

Clinical Governance

Our Quality Assessment Tool (IQAT) embraces all the regulatory standards, as well as setting the bar for our own internal expectations and demands. It reassures both clients and commissioners of our commitment to consistent quality and continuous improvement. To find out more about Turning Point and our standards of service, please call our Risk and Assurance team on 0161 238 5232.