For Friends and Family

Our breadth of experience means we offer a range of services that address every level of substance misuse and addiction. Each person we support is always treated as an individual - we cater to their unique needs and take things at their own pace. You are not alone, Turning Point can support you, your friend or family member across a range of issues.

Facing up to substance misuse is a long journey, which takes a lot of courage. Our services are designed to help people overcome the obstacles so many face. From supported housing, outreach and specific services for offenders to detox, rehab and recovery, we will give you, or someone you are worried about, the right information and advice you need, every step of the way.

We treat each person individually, dealing with family, employment and general health needs alongside mental and physical addictions. With our support families overcome addictions, stay together, and beat intergenerational problems.


We are here to help you, your children, parents and carers while you are in recovery. But, most importantly, we will work to engage and stabilise you - reducing the impact of substance misuse on you and your family.

Person-centred Approach

Because we treat the person as a 'whole', our services are very involved. Our support is caring and holistic, assisting with family, career and general health needs - as much as helping you or the people you care about stay well.

Clinical Governance 

We have embedded quality assurance systems and tools within our service culture allowing us to drive up standards across the organisation.