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Collective Voices Small

The Collective Voice is a group of 8 voluntary sector organisations who have come together to ensure that the voices of the drug and alcohol treatment sector and those who use our services are represented effectively. We are a diverse group of organisations with a combined turnover of £380million per annum.

We are Addaction, Blenheim, Cranstoun, CRI, Lifeline Project, Phoenix Futures, Swanswell and Turning Point. If you would like to find out more about any of our organisations, please take a look at our websites.

For more information email admin@collectivevoice.org.uk or visit http://www.collectivevoice.org.uk/


recovery smart uk

The Recovery Group UK (RGUK) was formed in September 2009 by Noreen Oliver MBE (Chief Executive of BAC O'Connor) to provide a platform for the reform of the UK drug and alcohol treatment system. Its representatives include leading providers, academics and umbrella organisations from the addictions field. Its aim is to provide expert advice on improving the impact of treatment.

The Recovery Group UK (RGUK) advocates for a balanced treatment system that recognises abstinence treatment as an option for drug and alcohol mis-users in order for individuals, families and communities to recover and break the cycle of addiction which impacts upon families, crime and the benefit system.

RGUK aims to educate people on the benefits of a single integrated process for directing substance mis-users into treatment and supporting their progress through all stages of the treatment process. The focus is on motivating the individual to change, and refer them to the appropriate services. Key in this process is the development of local peer mentoring schemes.

For more information, please email: info@therecoverygroupuk.org or visit their website: www.therecoverygroupuk.com


smart uk

Having worked with Turning Point for over 10 years,  SMART UK is the leading provider of specialist training and clinical professional register of auricular acupuncture programmes for substance misuse and associated mental health issues. SMART UK already have thousands of active members working throughout the NHS, Home Office, prison service, armed forces, the police, probation, community drug and alcohol services, specialist hospitals, PTSD specialist organisations, outreach services, children's and young peoples' services, residential services, homeless services and sex worker services. Offering a modern, Western, clinical, evidence-based approach to substance misuse and associated mental health, SMART UK continues to lead the way in clinical, ethical and professional standards for the provision of adjunctive treatments and ongoing applicable clinical research.
For more information about the range of training including auricular acupuncture, contact 01926 311912 or email info@smart-uk.com


Substance Misuse Skills Consortium

The Substance Misuse Skills Consortium is an independent, sector-led initiative to harness the ideas, energy and talent within the substance misuse treatment field, to maximise the ability of the workforce, and to help more drug and alcohol misusers recover.

The Consortium will help the substance misuse treatment sector to:

- Identify what the treatment workforce needs to promote and sustain better outcomes for service users, their families and communities
- Review and develop initiatives to attract and retain the workforce
- Equip practitioners and managers with the relevant skills
- Consortium members include treatment providers, service users and carers, and professional and membership organisations for those working in substance misuse treatment

For more information email info@skillsconsortium.org.uk or visit www.skillsconsortium.org.uk