Turning Point's new Mental Health Director says it's time NHS England ensures mental health is properly funded

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Following the publication of figures earlier in the week that showed a rise in serious incidents in mental health trusts across England, Turning Point's new Managing Director for Mental Health Services, John Campbell, said:

'Figures that show, amongst other things, a 20% increase in suicides are clearly worrying and any attempt to explain these away as simply increased reporting is fudging the issue. These figures collated from Freedom of Information requests sent to mental health trusts show the number of serious incidents has increased by a third from just over 6000 to over 8000 in the last two years: that is simply unacceptable.

‘Unfortunately, this data correlates with the increase in acuity we are seeing in service users we support, both in hospital and the community and the increase nationally of incidents of violence and aggression towards staff by patients. To address this the government needs to invest in the workforce, new models of delivery and new ways of working that prioritise and integrate mental health. Too many of the vanguard areas at the moment see it as an add-on.

‘So unlike last year, when the NHS Mandate said that there should be a real terms increase by CCGs on mental health spend and the opposite happened; NHS England needs to ensure that a real term increase in spend does happen going forward. The announcements of investment in mental health thus far are welcome, but do not go far enough if trusts are going to reduce incidents, improve outcomes and achieve much needed parity across our health system.'

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