Turning Point's Managing Director for Learning Disability Services responds to RCN report showing that people with learning disabilities are being failed by the health system

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Fiona Ritchie OBE, Managing Director for Learning Disability Services at Turning Point said:

'Today's report from the Royal College of Nursing on learning disability is a sombre read.

'Despite taking great strides to personalise support in the community, the worrying reduction in learning disability nurses and increase in the number of people who had to stay in hospital unnecessarily last year, are symptoms of a system that does not consistently deliver the support that people with learning disabilities deserve.

'Nurses and other professionals, whether employed by the NHS or organisations like Turning Point, have a vital role to play in delivering support, however every part of the system - government, local commissioners, the NHS and community providers - must contribute to the transformation agenda. If they don't, people will continue to experience variations and inequalities that are simply unacceptable.'

Recently four nurses employed by Turning Point developed the Health Toolkit for people with Learning Disabilities. You can access the toolkit by visiting our Learning Disability resources page.