Turning Point working with Hertfordshire Constabulary to improve treatment for people experiencing a crisis

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Staff members at Turning Point and Herts Mind Network’s NightLight mental health service have been working with Hertfordshire Constabulary to improve relations and ensure people experiencing a mental health crisis are provided with the correct support.

The NightLight team joined phone operators at the Force Communications Room in Welwyn Garden City to gain a better understanding of some of the challenges the 101 phone operators face when supporting callers with mental health issues, and to look at ways both teams could work more closely together.

The operators stated that individuals often call up for support without it being an issue for the police to deal with, but are unsure who else to call. Since working with NightLight, operators are now aware that they can direct callers to the mental health service out of hours, taking pressure off the local police force and ensuring callers get the necessary support they seek.

Carol McNeil Stevenage, Operations Manager at Turning Point’s NightLight service said: ‘Since working with Hertfordshire Constabulary, the NightLight service has received referrals from individuals who have been signposted to the service by 101 operators. This means people are not left waiting for help when they may be having a serious mental health crisis.’

Hertfordshire NightLight is an out of hours crisis service providing a safe and welcoming space for people who are feeling distressed and experiencing a crisis. For more information, visit: /hertfordshire-nightlight.