Turning Point supports Smoking Cessation

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Stoptober, the national 'stop smoking month' launches next month.

Stoptober is a campaign, led by Public Health England, to encourage people to stop smoking throughout the month of October. Current research from Public Health England shows that people who can stop smoking for 28 days are five times more likely to stay smokefree after this period.

Smoking Cessation schemes are particularly relevant for substance misuse services as drug and alcohol service users and staff are known to have a high prevalence of smoking.

To meet this need Public Health England is working with Turning Point on a number of smoking cessation pilots, which will look at the particular issues and support needed in drug and alcohol services to promote smoking cessation. These will launch on the 1st October.

In their outreach to drug and alcohol services around Stoptober, Public Health England note that, 'The high smoking prevalence among drug and alcohol service users and staff means services are an important place to tackle smoking.'

'Tackling smoking only really works with integrated policies and programmes that support staff and service users to stop (or to reduce harm for those who aren't ready to stop).'

'This year's Stoptober campaign will be upbeat and funny. It will let smokers know that, if they stop smoking in October, they will be joining thousands of other people stopping together. In this way the campaign will share some features with the peer support aspects of drug and alcohol recovery, giving an additional synergy for drug and alcohol services.'

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