Turning Point supports Ladder for London

News item posted: 19 June 2017

This week The Evening Standard launched the Ladder for London Campaign to help unemployed young adults into work through paid apprenticeships.  In response to the issue Chief Executive of Turning Point, Lord Victor Adebowale said:

"Youth unemployment is an unwelcome yet familiar characteristic of recession. For too many young people, youth is not proving to be the best time of their lives. What we see time and again are young people trying hard to get into the job market or break out of the cycle of intergenerational worklessness that may exist in their family, but ending up feeling dejected and isolated.

We need to provide better opportunities and better support for young people. Tackling the issues and barriers that exist early not only makes social sense, it's economically prudent.  We know that we are storing problems that will cost this country dear in the future in mental health costs alone (the cost to British business of Mental health across the UK is £30 billion). Unemployment is a public health issue; barriers to employment are barriers to Health. If we don't act it is inevitable that we will see increasing pressure on our health services and a younger generation whose lack of employment opportunities results in much more complex health needs."