Turning Point supporting Alcohol Awareness Week

News item posted: 19 June 2017

From Monday 14th to Sunday 20th November, substance misuse organisations across the country, including Turning Point, are raising awareness of the dangers of alcohol misuse.

The theme this year is ‘Alcohol and Health’, with the aim of demonstrating how excessive alcohol consumption can lead to various mental and physical health issues including cancer, depression, dementia, diabetes, hypertension and brain damage.

Turning Point services from Leicester to London will be running events and workshops to spread the word about the dangers of alcohol. By engaging with people in the local community, Turning Point will raise awareness and show that the support is there should people need it.

Mark Shepperd, Managing Director of Public Health at Turning Point said: ‘Turning Point services across the country are doing fantastic work this week engaging with service users, partner organisations, and members of their local community. This kind of awareness-raising is needed now more than ever due to increasing rates of alcohol-related deaths in conjunction with a reduction in drug and alcohol treatment services nationwide.

‘Access to treatment not only saves money, but more importantly saves lives and helps to keep families together. I hope the conversations we have throughout the week will demonstrate the importance of supporting people affected by alcohol misuse.’

To find your local Turning Point service, visit www.turning-point.co.uk. Alternatively, call 0207 481 7600.

We also have dedicated websites for our drug and alcohol services in the following locations: