Turning Point showcases work with community services to tackle alcohol misuse in East Kent

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Turning Point's Out There Everywhere service in East Kent took part this week in a session with local emergency services, the NHS, and representatives of the county council. The morning highlighted the work that various agencies in East Kent do to tackle the causes and consequences of alcohol misuse and examined its impact on the wider community.

Attendees included representatives from the fire and ambulance services, A and E staff from the NHS in Kent, and representatives of the local authority, as well as local media. Together they were able to provide a comprehensive overview of the impact of alcohol misuse on the community. Turning Point's Dinesh Dhoonooah, Hospital Liaison Recovery Nurse, and Rita Jennings, Nurse Manager explained how Turning Point works with hospitals to reach and treat those who misuse alcohol in a damaging way.

Andy Power, Senior Operations Manager for East Kent also spoke about the wider work done by Out There Everywhere in the community, and former peer mentor Vicky Groom was able to give her own first-hand perspective on recovery from alcohol dependency.