Turning Point Response to NTA's Latest Drugs Data

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Turning Point's Director of Substance Misuse, John Mallalieu responds to the National Treatment Agency's annual report and latest statistics, released today.

"These new statistics are promising and Turning Point has witnessed greater numbers of people recovering from drug addiction within our own services.  Some of our clients are going on to achieve amazing things, such as setting up their own businesses, completing personal goals like the Three Peaks Challenge and supporting other drug users to move into recovery.

"This is made easier for them because as a nation, we are becoming more ambitious for drug users and giving them more opportunities to become part of society again. 

"It is important that we ensure the right methodologies are kept in place to tackle the wide range of problems that contribute to a person's substance misuse such as mental health, unemployment, housing and physical health.  The current momentum must be continued so that those 27,969 who are still in treatment have a better chance of turning their lives around too."