News item posted: 19 June 2017

In response to the changes to Disability Living Allowance, Fiona Ritchie, Managing Director for Turning Point's Learning Disability services said;

"Although we support the simplification of the current benefits system, we need to ensure that these changes are implemented in the right way to make sure that the government's aim to 'target those who need help most' is met.

The fear for many people in receipt of current DLA support is that the assessments will prove to be inadequate and that these changes are essentially a money saving exercise. It is vital that the assessments are robust, flexible and able to take the needs of individuals properly into account. The right support also needs to be in place to guide individuals through the process otherwise it could lead to a lot of unnecessary stress, confusion and the feeling of not being believed about their current  needs. We need to ensure that this is not change for change's sake and that all individuals continue to receive the level of support they need without interruption."