Turning Point responds to the government’s proposals for greater patient involvement

News item posted: 19 June 2017

In response to the steps set out today for greater patient involvement and choice by the Department of Health, Zelda Peters, Turning Point's Director of Mental Health Services said;

"Choice and control over the support people receive shouldn't be a privilege - it should be a right and the publication of the government's response to the consultation along with the choice framework is another step towards making this a reality.

At Turning Point we put choice and control at the heart of the support we provide, however individuals often find the information and guidance needed to take more control over their care pathway, lacking. This is particularly the case for people with complex needs, including mental health and substance misuse issues and those with a learning disability, who may access multiple services simultaneously.

In our response to the government's consultation on 'No decision about me, without me', we stated that more needs to be done to ensure individuals are truly part of the decision making process, this includes the need for health staff - including GPs, A&E staff and pharmacists - to be trained to indentify, recognise and respond to the needs of people who have physical as well as mental health issues. It is also essential for the right tools to be in place to support decision making, such as accessible information; adequate time for people to make informed decisions and the involvement of carers, families and advocacy support where needed. We are therefore pleased to see training being developed to embed the principles of shared decision making into the curricula for a wide range of healthcare staff and offer our support in the development of this."