Turning Point responds to speech on probation reform

News item posted: 19 June 2017

In response to Chris Grayling's speech on probation reform, Lord Victor Adebowale, Chief Executive of Turning Point said;

"It is evident that the high level of reoffending rates needs to be addressed. No-one wants to see a system which does not deliver results but Turning Point is approaching this from a position of experience. We already work with offenders, focusing on reintegration into the community in order to reduce the likelihood of reoffending, including working with individuals with substance misuse issues and complex needs.

We currently deliver the Wakefield payment by results (PbR) substance misuse pilot and we cannot deny that there are still issues with PbR mechanisms. We recognise and welcome the need to focus on results, but there needs to be enough money in the system and payment for these results needs to be correct and incentivise all partners to work together to support those with the most complex needs.

We know that reducing reoffending relies heavily on successful integration and partnerships and our work as part of the Alliance (with Catch22 and Serco) is evidence of how collaboration between the private and third sector can bring about successful results. There is a lot of work still to be done but it is challenge we need to meet"