Turning Point responds to Royal College of Psychiatrists report

News item posted: 19 June 2017

In response to the report from the Royal College of Psychiatrists which shows that pressure on mental health beds is resulting in doctors sectioning some voluntary patients to secure care, Dr. Felix Davies, Managing Director of Mental Health Services at Turning Point said;

"A reduction in bed numbers coupled with the increasing needs of an expanding and ageing population is creating the perfect storm in mental health provision. This report makes clear that closing beds without having robust community based services in place to counteract it can have very negative consequences.

We need to see significant changes to service and commissioning models to meet current need. It is unacceptable that any individual should have their liberty unnecessarily deprived and as such it is essential that we have a spectrum of responses to crisis care both proactive and reactive. At Turning Point 80% of the service users in our recovery-orientated crisis services have avoided being admitted as an inpatient and at significantly lower cost. Furthermore, Turning Point continues to advocate preventative and proactive approaches to building resilience and wellbeing at an individual and community level to reduce mental health crises."