Turning Point responds to Home Office report on New Psychoactive Substances

News item posted: 19 June 2017

In response to the Home Office report "New Psychoactive Substances in England - A Review of the Evidence", Selina Douglas, Managing Director of Substance Misuse and Offending at Turning Point, said:

"The impact of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) is not fully known and we welcome the Home Office's emphasis on this area. Evidence such as this has a crucial role to play in ensuring that drugs policy remains fit for purpose, and is as effective as possible in limiting the harm done by drugs.

"Mis-use of drugs of any type can be damaging to health, and affect users' family, work and wider society. This remains true whether a drug is classed as legal or illegal. Regardless of legal status, local authorities and government must make sure that those affected by drugs of all types are able to access the right support.

"That means making sure that services are flexible enough to take account of the needs of individual users and user groups. For example, Turning Point currently uses its 'Wreakreational' model to support those affected by club drugs and NPSs. It is essential that services develop links with the community, including schools, universities, pubs and clubs to raise awareness and tackle the harm done by club drugs and NPSs of all types. Education and awareness are essential to addressing this issue."