Turning Point responds to DrugScope’s Street Drug Survey

News item posted: 19 June 2017

In response to DrugScope's Street Drug Survey released today, Selina Douglas, Turning Point's Director of Substance Misuse Services said;

"DrugScope's survey highlights the fact that while we have made many positive strides in drug recovery rates, no organisation involved in the delivery of drug services can afford to be complacent. The survey reports that more drug services are seeing people coming forward with problems associated with their use of mephedrone, including teenagers suffering psychological problems as well as existing heroin and crack users injecting the drug. This has also been experienced by Turning Point services.

As drug service providers we need to be alert to these changes in the drug taking environment and ensure that we react accordingly. We are aware that the knock on effect of drug addiction can have devastating effects on the health of the individual and their community, while increased recovery rates can have positive effects far beyond the individual supported. We need to continue to work together with local services and other organisations to ensure that we provide the appropriate support for the communities and individuals we work with."