Turning Point responds to calls for alcohol screening in the workplace

News item posted: 19 June 2017

In response to the article published today in the BMJ which recommends screening employees for alcohol misuse, Selina Douglas, Managing Director for Substance Misuse and Offending at Turning Point said;

"We completely support the idea of intervening early and preventing harmful drinking, which the article highlights, and we would encourage all employers to promote this. The use of screening tools and Identification and Brief Advice would give people the opportunity to discuss their alcohol use openly and help address any concerns they may have, before these issues develop further.

However, alongside this, it is also important for employers to ensure that staff know that if they are experiencing issues, whether alcohol related or around their mental health and wellbeing, they can seek help without fear of being judged or stigmatised.

Turning Point often supports people who didn't feel they could come forward and speak to their employers about their issues, or when they did found that the support was lacking. This isn't acceptable. Screening alone may not be the answer but the focus this brings to the debate is welcome."