Turning Point responds to ‘Drugs: new psychoactive substances and prescription drugs’ report

News item posted: 19 June 2017

The Home Affairs Committee have today published a report, 'Drugs: new psychoactive substances and prescription drugs'. In response to the report, Selina Douglas, Turning Point's Managing Director for Substance Misuse and Offending said;

"This report clearly shows that the nature of drug use is changing. We know that the average age of people dependent on heroin and other opiates is rising, whilst younger drug users are turning to the growing list of new legal highs being produced, often unaware of the risks associated with them.

Because of this it is essential that substance misuse services recognise and adapt to the growth in legal highs and deliver innovative support to address the complex needs of the treatment population.

Increasingly this includes educating people about the risks that legal highs pose. For example, Turning Point in Wakefield developed Wreckreational earlier this year; a dedicated team who offer advice, support and treatment around legal highs in response to community need.

We need to prioritise joint working between services, including A&E, GPs and sexual health, to ensure we continue to meet the changing needs of the substance misuse field."