Turning Point referenced in National Audit Office ‘Integration across government’ report

News item posted: 19 June 2017

The National Audit Office have released a report on 'Integration across government' which highlights the significant benefits on offer if government integrates its services more effectively. The report shows that 'by operating in a more integrated way, government could reduce inefficiencies in public services and deliver a better service to citizens.'

Turning Point is referenced in the 'Health and Social Care integration' section of the report. The report highlights how, by using joint teams of health and social care coordinators in Brent, Turning Point significantly reduced the costs of hospital emergency attendances and hospital bed days.

The report shows that after 12 months of operation, savings from Turning Point's scheme were between £42,000 and £102,000 per client per year, with a cost of around £1, 500 per person. The annual net saving was projected to be between £1 million and £3.5 million per year, based on avoided bed days and avoided emergency attendance.

Amyas Morse, head of the National Audit Office said that 'given the imperative for further cost reduction in government, the government should be encouraged to continue to work closely with local areas to understand fully what works and what doesn't.'

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