Turning Point official partner at NICE Annual Conference

News item posted: 19 June 2017

This year Turning Point are an official partner of the NICE Annual Conference, which is being held in Birmingham from 13-14 May 2014.

Turning Point have an ongoing commitment to developing community engagement in the design and delivery of services, exemplified through our Connected Care model and we welcome NICE's interest in this area. Helen MacFarlane, Head of Research, Community Engagement and Co-production at Turning Point will be speaking at the conference about our work across the country, with Clinical Commissioning Groups, local authorities and other partners to empower communities to redesign local services.

NICE 2014 aims to bring up to the minute developments in the changing landscape of health and social care, as well as offer practical advice as to how NICE can support relevant individuals and organisation in navigating new territory whilst maintaining quality care.

Reflecting the nature of a more fully integrated care system, the 1500 delegates will come from social care, public health, CCGs, community care providers, local government and the wider healthcare community.

A year on from the first operational phase of the new NHS, the NICE Annual Conference "is an opportunity to reflect on project implementation, and discuss policy, practicality and person centred care."

To find out more please visit the NICE conference website