Turning Point offers support to those affected by alcohol misuse in the new year

News item posted: 19 June 2017

The new year can be difficult for those affected by alcohol misuse. With stresses such as finances and family problems surfacing, some people may choose to increase their alcohol or drug consumption as a coping mechanism.

As January can be a particularly tough time, here are a few tips to help you cope:

Talk to people around you: If you have a support network – friends, family, or colleagues – use it. Talking about your problems can be a great way to overcome them. There are also organisations, including Turning Point, that can help, whether you’re concerned about your or someone else’s drinking.

Plan ahead: January can feel like a long month so plan and budget ahead to try and avoid extra stress towards the end of the month.

Stick to your own routine. Don’t feel that you have to do as others do: Don’t feel that you have to abandon a routine, lifestyle or schedule that works for you. Let others know if they can support you with this.

Try Dry January: Lots of people use the new year to set resolutions and try something new. For many this includes committing to Dry January and cutting out all alcohol for the month. This can help you save money and start the new year feeling healthier.

If you want any further advice you can contact your local Turning Point service on 0207 481 7600 or via our website www.turning-point.co.uk.