Turning Point Managing Director for Substance Misuse and Offending to address key conference on substance dependency.

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Selina Douglas, Turning Point's Managing Director for Substance Misuse and Offending Services, will today address a key conference looking at the impacts of substance dependency. 

The event, entitled Drug and Alcohol Misuse - Understanding the Impacts of Dependency, will welcome senior attendees from government, the NHS and the third sector. Delegates will attend presentations and workshops on subjects including legislation, commissioning, treatment and strategy.

Ms. Douglas will speak on 'The Road to Recovery', with her presentation exploring the many factors that contribute to the successful recovery of people affected by substance misuse. This will include  the benefits of holistic drug treatment services, as well as the development of visible recovery networks in the community. Ms. Douglas will also discuss how education, training and employment opportunities contribute to a successful treatment programme, and how these can be delivered to maximise their positive impact.