Turning Point issues advice for World Mental Health Day

News item posted: 19 June 2017

John Campbell, Managing Director for Mental Health at Turning Point said:

'This year's World Mental Health Day is focusing on psychological first aid. You don't need to be a mental health professional to get involved and make a difference - so read on and see how you can contribute.

'A figure often quoted is that 1 in 4 people suffer a mental health issue at some point during their lives. I would suggest it's much higher than this – almost all of us suffer with a mental health issue at some point during our lives. This can be as a result of being stressed at work or by the demands of everyday life, a relationship breakdown, feeling lonely or isolated, struggling to come to terms with losing a loved one or coping with a physical illness.

'We can all help someone who is struggling during these times with a kind and considerate word, taking someone out for the day, or simply a phone call. Often just by listening, understanding and being there can make a massive difference to someone.

'At Turning Point we provide a range of mental health services to support people in their recovery when they experience a mental health issue.

'Our talking therapy services, for example, help lots of people with mental health issues on their recovery journey using techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy, which helps individuals to think in a different way. Through these services we also support people to maintain jobs or gain employment. Meaningful employment has been shown to be a key factor in helping someone maintain positive mental health.

'Below are just a selection of the range of activities taking place across our services to celebrate World Mental Health Day:

• Our services in Manchester (Pendlebury, Birchwood & Douglas) have planned a range of Mexican themed meals where the staff will be encouraging and guiding conversations about psychological first aid and promoting mental health wellbeing within community settings.

• The Douglass House Project in London is having an open day to promote the service and celebrate World Mental Health Day.

• In Nottingham we are promoting our new talking therapies service at the ‘Every Colleague Matters’ Event and distributing promotional material at Broadway cinema which is running a series of films during the week.

'So please do get involved and play your own part in helping someone who is experiencing a mental health issue – you really can make a difference. For more information on our mental health services, visit www.turning-point.co.uk.'

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