Turning Point - Housing providers must respond to government calls

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Chief Executive of Turning Point, Lord Victor Adebowale, writes about the link between mental health and housing in Inside Housing

Lord Adebowale has written an article for Inside Housing which discusses how the mental health strategy implementation framework, launched in July 2012, should be an impetus for local authorities and housing providers to reassess how they work with tenants with mental health needs.

The new framework is aimed at helping organisations use their powers and resources to improve life for the most vulnerable in society;  what this means for the housing sector is that it will have to pay more attention to tenants with mental health needs, especially those with a dual diagnosis.

As Victor writes "Housing plays an important role in tackling health and social inequalities. This is an opportunity for housing organisations and local authorities to make a real difference."

Read the full article in Inside Housing