Turning Point expands East Sussex mental health service, provided in partnership with Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and social enterprise Turning Point are expanding the Health in Mind service that provides flexible support to people across East Sussex affected by mild to moderate mental health issues, and are holding a launch event to showcase the range of new support on offer. 

Health in Mind is specifically designed to be flexible and cater to those who lead busy lives, so that those experiencing anxiety, stress or low mood are able to access help with minimum disruption to their lives. Support is offered over the telephone, via community based courses or face-to-face. The team also offer evening sessions and referrals to other services if required.

The expanded service, which comes after five successful years of operation in the county, will offer greater capacity to engage more people, a new approach to online support, and a programme of community ambassadors who will work to tackle the stigma that often surrounds mental health.

Kevin Rozario-Johnson Operations Manager at Health in Mind, explained:

“Most of us will, at some time, feel affected by low mood, stress, or anxiety. For many people these are short-term symptoms, often the result of commonplace life circumstances or events. When they persist over an extended period of time, however, they can have a considerable negative impact on quality of life, and can potentially lead to more serious problems.

“Many people feel that feeling low in mood or stressed is just normal or that it will get better in time. Whilst some stress is normal, if feelings of low mood and anxiety become persistent, then it is important to seek help as early as possible. The support we offer at Health in Mind is very effective in helping people understand what is affecting their mood and supporting people to take positive steps to relieve their symptoms. We aim to provide people with tools and techniques that not only prevent the deterioration of mild and moderate mental health problems, but help to overcome them altogether and lead happier, more fulfilling lives.”

Jenny*, who recently used the Health in Mind service, also commented:

“For the first time in my life, I feel that I now have the tools to tackle the recurring bouts of anxiety that I experience. I have already put many of the techniques into practice and they have helped enormously. I know it will not be a quick fix but at least I now have some groundwork in place and a clear path forward.”

Health in Mind is part of the NHS’s  Improving Access to Psychological Therapies initiative, which exists to make sure that people can access clinically approved ‘talking’ interventions, where previously medication may have been the only option available to them. Evidence shows that the IAPT model can save the NHS up to £272million and the wider public sector will benefit by more than £700 million**.

Health in Mind is a free service, open to anyone in East Sussex who is over the age of 18. To get in touch please call 0300 0030 130, email spnt.healthinmind.nhs.net, or visit http://www.healthinmind.org.uk/contact.

The event is taking place during mental health awareness week, on May 14 from 10am-12pm at Gildredge Manor, 11 Borough Lane, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN20 8BB.

*Names have been changed

**According to iapt.nhs.uk