Turning Point comments on the launch of StreetLink

News item posted: 19 June 2017

In response to the launch of StreetLink, the new service to help rough sleepers in England, James Atkinson, Operations Manager at Turning Point's Sheffield Rough Sleepers Service said;

"Providing third sector organisations with as much information on rough sleepers as possible is important. To put it into perspective, in Turning Point's rough sleeper's service in Sheffield we have 5 individuals who can go into the community so the sheer geographical size of Sheffield makes identifying rough sleepers hugely difficult.

Additionally, the weather at this time of year often means that rough sleepers are taking their lives in their hands. It is absolutely essential that we are able to provide support to as many rough sleepers as possible. I would encourage any individuals who have information to get in touch; a simple email can end up saving a life."

Sheffield Rough Sleepers Service