Turning Point comments on proposals to cut binge drinking

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Commenting on the Government's proposals on tackling problem drinking, Turning Point's Director of Substance Misuse Services Selina Douglas said:

"Any new alcohol strategy or measures aimed at tackling alcohol abuse must include early identification of people who regularly misuse alcohol. In particular, we need specialists in hospitals to identify dependent drinkers and get them into treatment quicker.

"Nationally, the cost of alcohol abuse to A&E alone is £1 billion, yet we spend little more than £200 million a year on treatment. The resources required in A&E related to alcohol misuse are huge, but with small focussed investments on early identification and treatment, the overall costs to society can be vastly reduced.
"We've been running successful schemes where staff are based within A&E services to give patients alcohol screening and signpost them to alcohol treatment services, which they would not have been in contact with otherwise."