Turning Point comments on Chris Grayling's rehabilitation speech

News item posted: 19 June 2017

In response to the Justice Secretary Chris Grayling's speech on prisoner rehabilitation plans, Turning Point's Managing Director of Substance Misuse Selina Douglas said;

"The evidence supporting the efficacy of reducing re-offending projects is overwhelming, we already know through our criminal justice services how issues such as housing, employment and emotional support affect re-offending rates. Mentoring services could provide the foundational shift that is needed to avert our country's high re-offending rates. Chris Grayling's announcement and commitment to prisoner rehabilitation in making it one of his five priorities for criminal justice is supported by Turning Point."
"As we move forward, the Government will have to tackle issues such as how we understand the 'results' that organisations will be paid to provide, how mentoring services can be tailored appropriately for each person and how mentoring is going to link in to other existing provision like substance misuse and mental health services. We look forward to hearing these details soon."