Turning Point’s tele-coaching support reduces hospital admissions

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Following todays’ report that patients are being sent home from hospital with little support in place, John Mallalieu, Turning Point’s Managing Director for Primary Care said:

‘We know that people are often sent home prematurely, without the necessary coordination or community response in place. This increases the risk of harm and people returning to hospital, instead of being supported properly in their own homes. The answer is not, however, simply to retain them in hospital and delay that transfer of care.

‘Turning Point previously ran a tele-coaching pilot across Manchester & Liverpool which provided face to face health-coaching for patients while in hospital along with tele-coaching activity following their discharge. Outcomes from this pilot showed a 50% reduction in readmission to hospital within 30 days of discharge, and 32% reduction in GP visits. This was further supported by a 27% reduction in bed days where patient acuity had required readmission. Further work across Primary Care in Bradford resulted in patients self-reporting a 40% reduction in their GP attendance as a result of a tele-coaching programme.

‘Avoiding premature discharge is clearly a priority, as is delaying discharge as a consequence of limited community support. We would urge the NHS to look towards community providers and the use of technology to find a solution that not only supports people to remain well supported in the community, but also saves money.’