Turning Point’s People’s Parliament launches Charter in Birmingham

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Today Turning Point are holding their first National People's Parliament at which the Involvement Charter for Turning Point's Learning Disability Services will be launched.

Turning Point's People's Parliament aims to maximise involvement of the people they support across their learning disability services, and has been created to ensure that all individuals supported by Turning Point are empowered and supported to influence what the organisation does at a local and national level as well as taking a more active role in their communities.

Individuals supported by Turning Point have had the opportunity to attend Regional People's Parliament meetings, following this, representatives from each regional forum were nominated to take forward their regions' ideas and raise them at National People's Parliament. Transport, health, employment, money, holidays and communication have been hot topics over the past year, which have been attended by more than 40 people across the country, from Wiltshire to Warwickshire, Bradford to Bedfordshire and beyond.

The response to the Regional People's Parliaments has been overwhelmingly positive with the Northumberland People's Parliament group expressing how they like coming to the forums to 'gather together as a group', 'share information', and to 'meet up with people new and old at a social event'.

The Kent People's Parliament have been focusing on Public transport and recently organised for the Manager and Deputy Manager of customer services from Stagecoach to speak about the work they are doing to ensure people with disabilities feel safe and have a positive travel experience. One of the initiatives Stagecoach managers discussed was the development of 'Safety Zones' in bus stations where anyone in difficulty can go. In response to this the Kent People's Parliament have developed a 'Keeping Safe on Public Transport' leaflet and are planning to contact the 'District partnership group' to help promote the 'Safety Zones'.

The Involvement Charter for Turning Point's Learning Disability Services has been co-produced with individuals supported at Turning Point and their staff teams. Today this will be presented in front of Turning Point's Chief Executive Team and others in the form of a Charter which people will sign up to and imbed at every level of the organisation.

Lord Victor Adebowale, Chief Executive of Turning Point said;

"We know how important it is to involve the people we support not only in the design and delivery of Turning Point but to be active citizens in their local communities and shape the services they use."

"It should become the norm rather than the exception, we need to work together to make this a reality'.

Fiona Ritchie, Managing Director for Turning Point's Learning Disability Services said;

"Our focus on involving people is right and proper. We need to gather momentum for this, to ensure a 'nothing about me without me' attitude, is present in every service and in every member of staff."

Claire Moszoro, Engagement Lead for Learning Disability Services at Turning Point, said;

"This is an exciting time for Turning Point's involvement agenda and we hope the People's Parliament continues to be driven forward towards the goal of giving the people we support a true voice."

"With the positive approach of colleagues and leadership of Fiona Ritchie, Managing Director for Turning Point's Learning Disability services, the future and potential for the People's Parliament looks very bright."