Turning Point’s Managing Directors for Mental Health and Public Health comment on the Prime Minister’s speech on life chances

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Mark Shepperd, Turning Point’s Managing Director for Public Health said: ‘Today the Prime Minister recognised the many factors impacting on the life chances of young people, including the impact drug and alcohol misuse can have on families. Although the announced expansion of the Troubled Families programme is welcome, and the social investment in substance misuse services worth exploring, neither should replace local public health services, which are currently under threat. 

'We know that for every £1 spent in our Wakefield service, between 7 and 9 times as much is created for our service users and for the wider population. Recognising the positive impact of substance misuse services on local communities is critical and we hope that by doing this, local areas will continue to invest in effective solutions that promote wellbeing and help people to make healthy choices and live healthy lives.’ 

John Campbell, Turning Point's new Managing Director for Mental Health said: 'The Prime Minister's speech today brings welcome attention and investment to mental health services. We know that community alternatives to hospital can improve outcomes for people experiencing a crisis and save money. We also know that it is vital to address mental health issues at the earliest opportunity through young people and family interventions. Therefore my hope is that this investment not only improves people's access to services but their ability to seek support early.'

Turning Point provides a range of community crisis services. For more details see our website: /mental-health/services-for-you/crisis-management.aspx.