Turning Point’s Fiona Ritchie responds to the report 'Winterbourne View - Time is Running Out'

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Fiona Ritchie OBE, Managing Director for Learning Disability Services at Turning Point said:

“I welcome the report's candour in highlighting that more needs to be done to ensure people with learning disabilities are living the lives they want to live, where they want to live them. Progress on closing institutions like Winterbourne View has been woefully slow. There are many alternative forms of support available for people with learning disabilities and organisations like Turning Point play a key role in delivering them. However, local commissioning decisions are not, on the whole, ambitious enough or being made quickly enough to move people into community based settings where Winterbourne View-style services remain.  

“As a member of the new Winterbourne View Provider Delivery Taskforce, I hope we can work with local authorities and NHS England to help move the rhetoric to reality quickly and close all of these institutions once and for all. Although this can be complex, it is not unsolvable, as long as we have good community infrastructure in place before people move. Otherwise we risk in ten years’ time, seeing the institutions we were so pleased to finally close come back.”