Social Enterprise Day

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Today is Social Enterprise Day.To mark the occasion, Lord Victor Adebowale, Chief Executive of Turning Point, was asked to be part of The Guardian's '50 voices: what does social enterprise mean to you?' published on their Social Enterprise Network.

In '50 Voices' Lord Adebowale shares his views on social enterprise alongside others including Richard Branson, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Liam Black and Sophi Tranchell.

In his comment Victor discusses how an "intelligent leader recognises that profit cannot be the only motive; no business can exist without the support of its community, even when that community may stretch across the world."

"Social enterprise gives back to the community and is for the good of the many, not the few. Whether as a consumer or a producer, we can all play a part in ensuring the success of the ethical and responsible in business, and the failure of the unethical and irresponsible. That is social enterprise."

Read 50 voices: what does social enterprise mean to you? in full on the Guardian website