Russell Brand documentary - From Addiction to Recovery

News item posted: 19 June 2017

In response to the Russell Brand documentary - From Addiction to Recovery, Jackie Kennedy, Director for Substance Misuse at Turning Point said;

"Last night's documentary brought welcome attention to the potential of prison-based rehabilitation to help people recover from addiction and the important role of community based services. We do not, however, agree with one of the conclusions drawn that success is based purely on abstinence. There is an extremely strong evidence base telling us what really works is a range of approaches to addiction treatment. Both community and prison-based approaches, including abstinence-based rehab and harm reduction techniques such as methadone prescription, are all proven to have their place in the recovery pathway.

For some people, 12 step abstinence-based approaches backfire when they realise they cannot immediately kick the habit, leaving them in a much worse place. For others, it can be exactly what they needed to finally stave off addiction. What is most important is that we recognise the Government's evidence-based Drug Strategy which recommends a range of options working to maximise every individual's ability to recover in a way that will best work for them, because one size does not fit all."