Relationship, Drug and Alcohol Education Bill

News item posted: 19 June 2017

In response to the Relationship, Drug and Alcohol 10-minute rule motion introduced today by Diana Johnson MP, Chief Executive of Turning Point, Lord Victor Adebowale said;

"We offer our full support to this ten minute rule motion and the introduction of 'Relationship, Drugs and Alcohol' education into the national curriculum.

At Turning Point we understand that addiction has many roots. Many young people today face very difficult decisions, often made under significant peer pressure, when deciding whether to drink and take drugs. We cannot ignore the fact that education has a key role to play in addressing this.

Interventions like Turning Point's programme in Windsor and Maidenhead which train older students on how to give drug, alcohol and sexual health lessons to their younger peers are steps in the right direction but introducing this at a national curriculum level would be very welcome. This debate is important to have because educating people at an early stage and putting them in a position to make informed decisions about drugs, alcohol and relationships can have a transformational impact on the lives of young people and has the potential to result in huge savings for the NHS further down the line."