Recovery Kitchen launches in Birmingham

News item posted: 19 June 2017

On Tuesday 12th February, Turning Point Zephyr, in collaboration with Event masters event organisers hosted a showcase of the new Recovery Kitchen, part of the café hub at Summerhill House, Birmingham's residential Recovery centre

20 Services Users, alongside professionals in the substance misuse field, attended the showcase to find out about the new course Zephyr will be delivering. The course which will be taught by a Savoy trained chef begins on Tuesday 5th March and is designed to develop Service Users culinary skills. Service users will start the day by cooking their own lunch followed by a theory session in the afternoon.

The showcase consisted of a demonstration by the chef who made leek and potato soup, Thai green curry and pancakes. This was followed by a short presentation by the Recovery Kitchen lead Stacey Ennis who explained the course content which will include cooking on a budget, cooking for more than one and 'food and mood' .

A service user who will be attending the course said; "I am really looking forward to this as I'll be able to go home and tell my mum, who has cooked me dinner every night for the past 35 years, to put your feet up, I'm cooking tonight.

Stacey Ennis, Turning Point Zephyr Recovery Kitchen lead said; "I am very excited about working on this project. The course will enable service users to increase their life skills, confidence and employability. It seems there is such a thing as a free lunch."