Positive response to Young Offender Institute

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Turning Point's work at the New Hall Young Offender Institute received a highly positive response following their recent HMI inspection.

The report noted that Turning Point provides "a very good level of psychosocial interventions and that all young women are seen during their first two days on the unit by one of the two recovery workers based on the unit." The report goes on to say that the service delivers "an appropriate range of care mainly on a one to one basis, tailored to individual needs" and that "there are good links with other agencies and community services."

Other positives noted include, all young women receiving a reception screen and any individuals requiring detoxification being "well supported by the substance misuse clinical team with additional care provided on the unit" as well as there being, "no evidence of any illicit drug use on the unit with rates of detection consistently at zero."