Peer Mentor Graduation for Wiltshire

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Last week Peer Mentors from the Wiltshire Substance Misuse service and the Wiltshire Addiction Support Project joined together to celebrate their graduation from the Turning Point accredited peer mentoring scheme.

Peer Mentors are role models who use their own experience of treatment and recovery to inspire, motivate and support others to become substance free.

Becky, one of the graduating Peer Mentors said; "Since becoming a peer mentor my confidence has increased and I have purpose. I have been given the opportunity to give back to service users what was given to me support wise and I am now looking to develop a career in this field. This is something I never thought possible before."

The graduation was followed by a buffet lunch, speeches from the graduating peer mentors, an art workshop and a panel Q&A with the graduating peer mentors.

Attendees at the event included Eleanor Stirling, Joint Commissioning Manager for Substance Misuse at Wiltshire Council, Gordon Morse, Medical Director for Turning Point and Natalie Travis, Operations Manager for Wiltshire Substance Misuse service.

Mike Huck, Peer Mentor & volunteer coordinator for Wiltshire Substance Misuse Service said;

"Our accredited Peer Mentor training is a great opportunity for service users to build confidence, gain a qualification and develop the skills to support people with substance misuse issues in order to make lasting and positive changes in their lives."

Martin Scott, Service User Involvement Co-ordinator for the Wiltshire Addiction Support Project said;

"The membership of Wiltshire Addiction Support Project welcome the newly graduated Peer Mentors and look forward to working alongside them delivering high quality and affective peer support to people receiving treatment services in Wiltshire."