New Research Suggests Cannabis Affects IQ: Turning Point comments....

News item posted: 19 June 2017

In response to the research published today suggesting prolonged cannabis use during adolescence significantly reduces IQ in the long term, Jackie Kennedy, Director of Substance Misuse at Turning Point says:

"This research underlines the need for specific services and early interventions for young people beginning to develop patterns of drug misuse. Nipping addiction in the bud, preventing graduation to harder drugs, and stemming the onset of not only a poorer intellect, but also mental health generally, is best achieved with professional support.

Over the last few years, England and Wales have unfortunately seen a decline in services set up to steer young people away from addictive behaviours. Within a generation, the likely result of this will probably be more young men and women coming into adult treatment services with a background of increasingly complex addiction and social exclusion. We still have time to prevent this scenario, but services for young people must be strengthened to help intervene early with drug and alcohol misuse. So too should services that work with family systems to avoid inter-generational substance misuse."