New figures reveal how integrated services result in huge savings

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Lord Victor Adebowale, Chief Executive of Turning Point, spoke today at The Social Justice Conference about the substantial savings that can be made by integrating the provision of services for people with complex needs.

The figures, spoken about publicly for the first time, are from the Personal Social Services Research Unit at the LSE following an initial partial assessment of the economic value of Turning Point's Complex Needs service in Hertfordshire. The research focused on 3 clients with multiple complex needs including mental health conditions, substance misuse and housing issues. The results indicate that an integrated service with a multi-disciplinary team has the ability to reduce the demand an individual has for other services as well as improving outcomes in terms of quality of life.

The study found that for every £1 invested, there was a net reduction in demand for public services worth £4.40, £23.10 and £28.50. In addition the economic value to society of the quality of life, life expectancy and increased job readiness for the clients was calculated at £11,000, £44,000 and £55,000 for the three individuals considered.

Lord Adebowale said; "People with complex needs is where public service reform and social justice needs to start. They should be the litmus test for service reform. Genuine engagement to ensure services meet the needs of people at the sharp end involves a lot of time and effort but the rewards really are worth it."