Managing Director for Substance Misuse Services writes in Public Service Review

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Turning Point's Managing Director for Substance Misuse services has written an article for the Public Health section of the latest issue of Public Service Review.

In the article Selina discusses the crucial importance of services adapting to the ever changing landscape of substance misuse and the imperative to consider an individuals' wider addiction, health and social care needs in order to see continued and sustained recovery.

She writes that, 'Many services are finding innovative ways of responding to the changing substance misuse landscape. For example, Turning Point in Sunderland is working with A&E to engage with individuals with substance misuse issues who attend A&E regularly. This focus on early intervention and reaching people who may not make the conscious decision to attend a substance misuse service is important.'

 Selina continues that "Having individuals exit treatment is fantastic and we all aspire to this, but the statistics I want to see are the ones that show those who exit treatment positively and don't come back. My worry is that it is both easy and tempting for an organisation to present statistics which show a swift exit from treatment. However, if you don't fully meet an individual's needs they will, by necessity, return. Therefore Turning Point's re-presentation rate is a key priority for me. At last count it was 3% which is excellent but I plan to monitor it closely. Treatment outcomes are important markers and we all want to be ambitious for our service users, but we need ambition tempered with realism.'

Read the full article in Public Service Review