Lorraine Moore, Mental Health lead at Turning Point, responds to HealthWatch data indicating a drop in the number of bed days for those admitted to hospital with mental health issues.

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Lorraine Moore, Mental Health lead at Turning Point said:

“Hospital bed days are a crude measure of the quality of mental health care, so it’s very important that we don’t read this decrease as being an indicator of declining mental health care in the UK. In many cases, community-based services, including crisis care, can be much more appropriate than a lengthy hospital stay, and can actually promote a more rapid journey to recovery.

“However, HealthWatch is absolutely correct to highlight the necessity of proper community support for those who do require an admission to hospital and are then discharged into the community. It’s absolutely vital that there are enough inpatient beds for those who require them, but that sufficient community support is also available to support people in their recovery and to develop the skills needed to manage future crises.

“It is therefore essential that services are commissioned in such a way that they can work together, to make sure that vulnerable people are supported at all stages of their recovery, from hospital to community-based services, and in their own homes.”