Lord Victor Adebowale speaks on the importance of tackling health inequalities

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Turning Point’s CEO Lord Victor Adebowale spoke at a recent event event entitled ‘Mental Health Forward Thinking: Delivering the Strategy’.

Lord Adebowale spoke on the theme of tackling health inequalities at a local and national level, touching on how health inequalities affect young people, people from BME backgrounds, and people with complex needs.

He said: ‘The future is decided by what we don’t discuss. For example, people from BME backgrounds are more likely to need mental health support but are less likely to seek it; and any solution that doesn’t utilise digital methods is unlikely to work for young people. These are the types of challenges we are up against and need to solve if we are to overcome health inequalities.’

People with complex needs also face challenges when seeking support for a number of issues including substance misuse and mental health. Recently, Turning Point published a report showing that people who misuse drugs or alcohol at the same time as experiencing mental health issues are being denied access to proper treatment. To read the report, visit the Turning Point Resources page.