Lord Adebowale stresses the importance of secure and affordable housing in House of Lords speech

News item posted: 19 June 2017

On Tuesday 26th January, Lord Victor Adebowale gave a speech in the House of Lords during the second reading of the Housing and Planning Bill.

During the speech, he talked about the effects of the housing shortage on people with mental health conditions and those recovering from substance misuse. Both the Office for National Statistics and Shelter have outlined the need for more homes to be built, yet Shelter have shown that the Housing and Planning Bill will lead to 180,000 fewer affordable homes to rent and buy over five years.

He said: ‘This is important because the people I hear from, both through the London Fairness Commission and those with mental health conditions, and people recovering from substance misuse supported by Turning Point, tell me that they need safe, secure and reliable housing to continue their recovery.’

Lord Adebowale also pointed out that people with mental health conditions are one-and-a-half times more likely to live in rented housing, and that a safe and secure place to live has a positive impact on mental health.

To read his full speech, see the Hansard Transcript here [7.05pm].