Lord Adebowale gives evidence to the Committee on the Draft Care and Support Bill

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Lord Adebowale attended the Committee on the Draft Care and Support Bill this week to give evidence and answer questions about the proposed Bill.

Led by Paul Burstow MP, the Commission asked a number of questions, including how well-being should be written in to the Bill and how the draft proposals will impact on people accessing social care services. Lord Adebowale talked about the focus there had so far been on older people in the approach to the Bill and how it was equally important to consider the needs of people with complex needs, including those with substance misuse and mental health issues. He said the Bill was 'aspirational' in its aims but was being introduced at a time of significant financial pressures on local authorities which bought into question their capacity to undertake many of the new duties on them.

Along with other members of the panel he spoke about the need for a definition of commissioning, to ensure greater consistency between local authorities; the importance of integration between health, social care and public health; and suggested information standards should be developed to ensure information and advice given to people was independent, accurate and accessible.
If you would like to see more detail on Lord Adebowale's comments to the Commission, please contact Laura Conn on 0207 481 7632.