Local MP visits 'impressive' Dorset service

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Richard Drax MP praised his recent visit to Turning Point's Drug Intervention Programme (DIP) in Dorset, highlighting their 'effective and dedicated' team.

The local service provides initial treatment to those in the criminal justice system who have substance misuse issues as well as offering advice, information and referral when necessary to other local services.

Richard Drax MP wrote about the visit on his website saying, "Back on to the bike and down to the Esplanade to visit an organisation called Turning Point, run by the charming and able Martin Lawrence."

"In short, the organisation works with both the Probation and Prison Service in helping those addicted to drugs or alcohol. Martin's small but effective team work around the county and their success rate so far is impressive. I met some of his team, all of whom appeared totally dedicated to their admirable role. I found the visit very interesting and informative."

Martin Lawrence, Operations Manager for Turning Point in Dorset said;

"It was good to have the opportunity to meet with Richard to discuss Turning Point's Drug intervention Programme in the area. We spoke about the benefits to both individuals and the wider public of the service's work on reducing crime and re-offending and how drug intervention programmes are one of the most cost effective ways of stopping the cycle of reoffending."